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Finally expanding on my love for anime and manga again. This one happens to be one of my favorite anime's, but once again I've not yet read the manga which I believe is quite different.

Originally only available as theElfen Lied women's vest top, I've brought this design over into the hoodies section of my range. I'm not sure how many male fans there are out there of Elfen Lied, but I know I've neglected them for a while. Much to my disappointment there really isn't much merchandise out there for Elfen Lied, so I made my own. So here it is, the Elfen Lied Hoodie.

This design is truly unique to me and my Zen Oh Tee range, inspired by the hand (or vector) print Lucy left on Kurama's back in the first episode, and the title taken from one of the dvd box sets, this design is now available in either black or charcoal in the adults hoodie range, and can be found in the Anime and manga hoodies section :)

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