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For those of you who are completely unsure about what size to buy, never fear help is here!

So first off all lets start off with some terminology. There are two types of sizes provided here at Zen-oh-tee

Size to fit

This is a guideline size, and not the actual size of the item of clothing you are looking at. It's usually made up of two numbers, so for example most of my men's T-shirts are listed as Size to fit, medium = 38"/40" This means that if your chest measurement falls in this range, this is probably the best suited size for you. The T-shirt itself will measure a little bigger to allow room for you to move freely rather than it being skin tight.


This is the actual measurement of the item of clothing. This is best for when picking sizes for kids clothing if your child doesn't quite fit the normal age size guides, or if you have trouble being between sizes.

So how to find out your chest measurement?

Grab yourself a fabric tape measure, if you don't have one, they are a good cheap investment for situations like the one you are in now ;) I actually keep mine in my hand bag so I can measure furniture when I'm out shopping!

Run the tape measure around your back and line it up at your front so you can see it. Like in these images here of my lovely model bf.

So for example the lovely James here measures just over 37" in the chest. With small T-shirts recommended as 34"-36" (to fit) and mediums as 38"-40" (to fit) James takes a size medium so that it's not too tight.

Key things for measuring:

  • If you can, get someone else to measure for you.
  • Relax
  • Don't hold your breath
  • Don't suck your chest or belly in
  • Don't try to make that measurement smaller, you need this to be accurate so that you are comfortable. There's no point buying something that is too small :)
  • You want to be measuring just below the armpit. About nip height (lol) or some manufacturers recommend 5cm below the armpit seam.
  • For girls, you want to be measuring the widest point of your bust.

Don't have a fabric tape measure to hand? There is still hope! Do you have a ruler?

You can find out your clothing size without a clothing tape measure by finding an item of clothing in your wardrobe that matches the item you are looking to buy, basically if you are buying a hoodie grab a hoodie, if you are buying a T-shirt grab a T-shirt. Make sure its one that fits comfortably, one that can be used as a sizing reference!

Lay that item flat on a surface, flat as you can. And then measure from one side to the other. Like so!

Here my T-shirt measures over 16 inches on one side. Convert 16 inches to CM is works out about 40.64cm, but since my t-shirt measures over 16 inches I would be better off with a medium (which is what I normally go for to make sure they are not too tight)

You can use this measurement to match up to the actual measurements provided on the sizing charts for each item like the one above or provided in the photos on the shops items. There are some charts where you may have to convert too or from centimeter and inches like I've done here, and there are some where you may have to double the measurement you have taken. Basically some of the measurement charts will give you the full measurement (as if you are using a fabric tape measure to measure all the way around the chest) or some will only give a half measurement, like if it was laid flat and measured only on the front just like I have done here.

Hopefully this will have helped you decide on the size that is best for you, but of course if you are still stuck (or you can't see the measurement chart for the item you want to buy) just get in touch. :)

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