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Hello again and as always welcome to another update to the Zen-oh-tee site. This month is a short and sweet set of additions as the summer days are flying by while I try and get new ventures set up. Honestly I don't know where these weeks are going.

I mentioned in the last update that this month will include a few generic designs to flesh out the "Other/Random" design categories on the site. There aren't as many as I had originally hoped, but there are more on the way, so check back in July if you are interested.

First off we have a women's version of the Don't judge a book by it's movie T-shirt. The men's one was added in a long time ago, and to be honest I'd forgotten about the women's one completely. It was an old design that used to be in my Etsy store, and has even been in my wardrobe since then! But I just didn't think I'd missed it off the website. either way here it is, the women's fit version.

Never judge a book by it's movie women's T-shirt

Another one for the "Other/Random" design section is Ah! The Element of Surprise T-shirt. Available in men's and women's this is another one that I used to sell back on the old Etsy site. Men's and Women's fit available and I will get the hoodie version up as soon as I can.

Ah the Element of Surprise men's T-shirtAh the Element of Surprise women's T-shirt

And lastly, another very old design that's been on my Etsy and my Ebay since forever, the Flower of life Men's T-shirt. Again I'll get the women's and hoodie versions up as soon as I can.

Flower of Life Men's T-shirt

Onto something a bit more... I want to say normal? But I can't really say normal when I'm trying to flog a sweatshirt in the middle of summer. And a Transformers one at that! But here it is, it's from the Girly Geek range and has been sat on the shelf a while. An Autobots slouch style jumper.

Transformers Autobots women's slouch jumper

For fans of Gravity Falls I've added in the Bill Cipher Zodiac wheel hoodie, another one that's been available in the Ebay store but for some reason I missed off the website.

Gravity Falls Bill Cipher Zodiac Adults hoodie

The Cactuar/Sabotender design is now available in the Adults hoodie section

Cactuar Final Fantasy Adults hoodie

Baron Fizgig's collection has added in the Cool Story Bilbo T-shirt for Lord of the rings fans.

Cool Story Bilbo men's T-shirt

And lastly, another odd one given the current weather. I've added the Gengar design into the hoodies section, just because I'm loving Pokemon Go at the moment.

Gengar Adults hoodie

As mentioned this update is short and sweet as I do have a lot going on this summer, but I'll hopefully get next month's update done in a good amount of time before I have to start planning for the Christmas season.

Have a lovely June folks, and as always keep checking back.

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