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I have a lot of love for Dragonball Z, like many it was something I grew up with. So although its by far not the best anime out there, it will always be my personal favourite and every Dragonball related item I come across will always ignite a certain giddiness within me. I've even promised myself once I reach a certain goal I'll be purchasing this little item for my work desk.

So during the time I have been self employed I was able to download and watch every bit of Dragonball that is currently available. While peeling vinyl and cutting designs I've managed to make it though every episode and film, including GT. And like many fans out there I must say for me GT was god awful.

Which is why I was quite happy to see Battle of the Gods seems to be set on a different story line, and I'm much looking forward to the new film Resurrection F, and of course the MMO - Dragonball Online Revelations

For any fans out there who haven't done their homework. Dragonball Z did have an online game which was somewhat similar to the Dragon ball Xenoverse that was recently released. At the time it was only available in I think Japan and Korea. If you knew what you were doing (thanks to the online guides and youtube vids provided) It was possible to download, and play in a very bad English translation.

Now that's not to say the good people who translated it did a bad job, they actually did a brilliant job, its just that so little was translated by the time the game was closed, and using the google translate file for the whole game made it almost impossible to know what was really going on.

But anyway, the wonderful people at Dragonball Online Revelations are slowly piecing together a private server and an English version of the game for all those who were sad to see it go. And I must ask that you please don't stop. I was worried that when Xenoverse was released all work on Revelations would come to an end. But I'm sure like myself, many of us still want to see DBO back up and running, even while we furiously click our way through the battles in Xenoverse for that Z rank.

Anyways, back to clothing. Having finished GT I thought this was a brilliant time to bring back some of my Dragonball themed items.

My Personal favourite for a good while now has been my capsule corp T-shirt. I'm not much of a T-shirt wearer, I really prefer vest tops. But this is still in my wardrobe even after all this time.

So bearing in mind I much prefer to wear vest tops and zipped hoodies, I decided to make a Capsule Corp zipped hoodie. Complete with the logo on the shoulder. The midnight blue is currently only available in small and XXL, but once my supplier gets more stock of this colour I'll bring in the full size range for it.

I've also added in the original women's capsule corp T-shirt and the men's capsule corp tshirt too in a selection of colours. The T-shirt will not feature the logo on the sleeve. Just because its too awkward to do!

Keeping in with the keep calm theme. (Because I'm sure most fans have tried to turn super saiyan at some point) I've also added a Keep Calm Super Saiyan T-shirt

The King Kai hoodie has been around here for a while, so I thought it time to introduce the Turtle Hermit hoodie.

And for the last one, a design that was on Etsy but somehow hasn't made it anywhere else yet. Just because for some reason I keep losing the design images. Just Saiyan T-shirt, with the one and only Goku in SSJ 1 form.

As I've just tweeted, this puts the shops number of products at 99! So that can only mean that number 100 has to be the Attack on Titan hoodie that has been promised for so long. The alternative green hoodie I chose arrives tomorrow, so it will be up this weekend :)

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