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It's surprising just how much time a new design takes to create and upload to all the different shopping platforms available out there, especially when there are so many variations to take into consideration. It also doesn't help that some of these shopping sites are a bit difficult to navigate, Bonanza currently being my favourite (in terms of awkwardness) in that it only allows you to set up your shop items in dollars, and I can't quite get my head around applying different shipping options. I want to be uploading designs! Not messing around with settings. Ah well, it has to be done.

Anyway onto the next new upload! I say new, it's a design that I had on the Etsy shop that wasn't uploaded to any of my other shops, so for some it might seem new but to me its been sat in my design folder for a while.

Originally I had planned to work down my list that I had set up but then I realised that I have a folder full of prints that haven't been touched for a good while that I should probably look at clearing first. So at random, drawn from the box of ready and waiting designs we have.... (drum roll please)

Oooooooh its a Star wars T-shirt!

Yes I know the "say no to order 66" has been done, But I found that every design (be it desktop wallpaper or clothing) had the traditional Storm trooper helmet design, and I figured for me that Storm Trooper design is not what I associate with the execution of order 66. So I created mine based on the original clone troopers helmet. Clone Trooper Say no to order 66 T-shirt

So this piece is being brought back into the range, as promised in men's, kids and womens in both T-shirt and hoodie. Available in 3 colours, black, white and charcoal. And also while I'm at it I will also take the time to add in the other variations on the other Star wars designs.

Suddenly in need of a Star wars marathon weekend. And of course, speaking of clone troopers it had to remind me of this little gif.

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