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The big screen has a fantastic line up of super hero and super villain films that has stirred the geek community and sent us back to the cinema's to um and ah over how badly we want over priced popcorn and cola. With both Marvel and DC pouring their creative efforts into movies, I have to say I'm loving every second of it even though I've loathed the cinema for some years now.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but I do really feel like Marvel and DC have done a fantastic job (although some may disagree with me on DC's contribution after watching Dawn of Justice) for there are many heroes and heroines that I had no interest in when growing up, or perhaps had even never heard of. You'll have to forgive my half hearted effort of an inner geek on the subject of super heroes, I was much more into anime when I was younger, and the internet was much more limited in my teens than it is today.

A great example of this lack of enthusiasm for certain heroes is both Captain America and Iron man, I really was not a fan of either back in the day. But Marvel's cinematic universe has definitely sparked an interest that has inspired me to not only watch the Captain America and Iron man films, but to consider them as a part of my collection of favourite movies.

With the recent Captain America film Civil War (and again on a lesser note, Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice) I have of course decided to expand my range of Geek T shirts and hoodies, to include a few more comic book hero T shirts and hoodies.

Giving praise to Marvel for its fantastic collection of films, lets start with a Captain America Shield hoodie, I love this one because picked up a new metallic printing film that makes the shield look awesome. My photography skills are not the best, but I tried to capture how the light hits the print to show of that metal shield. Again I may not be his biggest fan, but I did make this Captain America's Shield hoodie as a women's T-shirt for myself to test the print. I'll have to add that in later. But for now you can find the Captain America hoodie here

Speaking of Shield, I know we have quite a few Agents of SHIELD fans, so I put together an Agents of SHIELD hoodie. Shamefully I have not yet actually watched any of Agents of SHIELD, there just isn't enough hours in the day for me to keep up with the geekdom. But that doesn't mean it's not on the to do list. Either way I made it because you guys asked for it, so here it is. A Marvel Agents of SHIELD hoodie.

Keeping in with the love for Marvel comic hoodies, I've expressed my love for the new Spiderman that was introduced in Captain America: Civil War. This spiderman logo hoodie is my way of saying thank you to Marvel for not screwing this up. Civil War is one of the comics I have actually read (a lovely present from my other half) and I must admit at first I was skeptical about the movie. The original comic featured so many heroes that with such a small selection available to use in the film, I was worried it would be a real let down. Add in the current experience of the big screen spiderman casting done by Sony, I was worried it would have been awful. Lucky for us, Marvel came through. So in honor of that success I give you my Spiderman hoodie.

And of course no Spiderman logo hoodie would be complete without a matching spiderman T shirt.

It will take some time but eventually I will have a little something put together for all the members of the Avengers, as again the Avengers films and the films for the individual characters are something I'm really enjoying at the moment. For the latest film The Avengers: Age of Ultron I went with a distressed scraped metallic look for an Avengers T shirt. I did however add in a few other colour options on The Avengers T shirt as I know not everyone can wear black. So here's my take on an Avengers logo T shirt.

But of course I shouldn't just concentrate on the Avengers. A T shirt design I've had knocking around for a while was a Guardians of the Galaxy T shirt. Another film I absolutely loved and really can't wait for the next one. Anyway I kept it subtle with this one as at the time I wasn't really sure what to do for a design, so I just went with a Nova Corps t shirt. Hopefully I'll have a new Guardians of the Galaxy T shirt available for when the next film comes out.

Anyway enough about the Marvel T shirts and hoodies, I really thought I would fit some DC comics clothing into this post but it turned out a lot longer than I though it would, and I know I already have so many Batman t shirts and hoodies I could easily fill a post. So I'll do just that and have my next post as a DC comics hoodies and t shirts post. :)

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