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It finally happened, I've been playing league of legends for about 4, maybe 5 years now. And I'm really not the best player, I never had enough confidence to try very many ranked games. I never made it past bronze purely because I gave up on the toxic players associated with ranked games. But last night, a great night for me. My first pentakill, and in a ranked game too. Oh yes, I feel good. Thank you Rammus ult!

So for a while now I've had my League of Legends themed pentakill T-shirt on sale, and I've also for a while had a few other LOL themed T-shirts that I haven't brought back to the range yet.

(After my great disappointment over my Etsy shop being closed, GG Valve.... GG T_T )

But after the joy of my first Penta, I thought I might finally deserve one of my LOL T-shirts, so I thought I'd start with the one that came to mind the moment it happened.

Also, I thought I'd bring in one that never made it to my shops before Etsy shut me down. This one always reminds me of the time I denied my other half his Pentakill. I still keep hearing about it. Some people may have great skills, and yet are just always falling short of that penta. Not yet worthy of the pentakill T-shirt? Have the Quadra Kill T-shirt instead.

And of course, lets not forget the one that honors the trolls, the flamers, and all those toxic players. Good Game T-shirt

Anyway for anyone who is playing League I hope you're all doing well and not taking the game too seriously. GL, HF and make sure you check back for some more of my League of Legends inspired stuff ;)

Oh yes! speaking of GLHF, I almost forgot this one. GLHF T-shirt

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