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Rick and Morty has been one of those series on which we binged and we're left saddened when we reached the end of the latest available season. I need more! Really can't wait for season 3.

Episodes are available to watch for free on the Adult Swim website, so if you like shows like the Regular show and Adventure Time, this is one you need to go and see if you haven't already. No excuses! It's jaw droppingly hilarious.

As usual because it's something I love, I made a Rick and Morty T-shirt! A silhouette of Rick and Morty on the run (just like the opening sequence) available on 4 different colours.

The Rick and Morty t-shirt is available now in the Film and TV tshirts section, watch this space for more Rick and Morty clothing designs and options that shall soon be on the way :)

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