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It's been a while since my last post, but I thought it was about time I put something together. New items have been delayed while I wait for my clothing supplier to get stock of the colours I want to use, so for now I've been updating the shop.

All items are now sorted into categories so things should be much easier to find, although sadly it makes my little shop look so empty! I will have to fix this.

Also some new photos will be available to give a better idea of how items turn out when printed. Bonanza seems to make a big deal over how you should have as many images as possible. So I've started to include some shots that show the true face of some of the items that have gold, silver and glitter prints.

Speaking of Bonanza, lots more of my items have been added to the Bonanza shop finally. Had a huge hiccup where Bonanza kept on reducing the postage price down by the exchange rate. For anyone who has this issue, switch your currency to dollars and all will be fixed ;)

Anyway I thought I would make a small announcement on whats coming up soon. As you may have seen on the facebook page I'm really looking forward to listing my Attack on Titan hoodie! Along with a T-shirt version featuring the scouts logo.

Dragonball Z capsule corp hoodie on the way, and I'm hoping to reintroduce some of my other DBZ based designs.

Pokemon! I have some photos now of the small collection of Pokemon T-shirts I had on Etsy, so I'll be bringing those back soon.

There is still lots more to get brought back into the shops, once my supplier sorts out their current issues anyway! But these are just the few I have lined up at the moment. Can't wait :)

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