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As the workload shifts and increases, it gets harder and harder and harder to find the time to waffle on about T-shirts for SEO purposes. Especially when of course there is only little old me here and competitors have entire teams and services at their side to do this all for them. As much effort as I may or may not put into these little blog posts I always fall behind and I'm pretty sure no one is really reading them! So this update is just to say that the usual blog post layout and frequency (ha! as if these were frequent) will be changing from now on while I focus my energy on other things.

I'll still be using the blog as a way to share new products but as you can probably guess it wont have a mountain of unnecessary text. Just simple images and links to new things so that I can concentrate on orders for winter and new product for upcoming projects.

So here's the first plain and simple update for July/August before I have to start looking at Christmas post cut off dates! Strange to be thinking of Christmas in this weather, but maybe it's a good time to start thinking about more slouch jumpers and hoodies ;)

Hildibrand Women's slouch sweatshirt

Jack Skellington and bats slouch sweatshirt

Kingdom Hearts slouch sweatshirt

Princess Mononoke Kodama slouch sweatshirt

Praise the Sun Solaire of Astora Dark Souls Men's T-shirt

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