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The ebay shop has recently seen the addition of two of my old designs for all the lord of the rings fans out there. With the Hobbit trilogy now finished and leaving our cinemas I thought it might be worth bringing back these two that sold quite well on Etsy.

First off the Tree of Gondor T-shirt, printed in lovely silver vinyl onto a black T-shirt.

And secondly for all the Land rover owners out there, we have "One does not simply walk into Mordor" with the Land Rover logo, printed in the gold vinyl that's used for the One ring T-shirt. Currently available in mens: Lord of the rings land rover T-shirt

Speaking of which, its about time I introduced the hoodie, women's and kids versions of the Lord of the rings The one ring T-shirt. So these have now been added to the shop as well as Gondor's white tree T-shirt and Land Rover designs. You can find them on these links

Womens The one ring T-shirt
Kid's The one ring T-shirt
The one ring inscription hoodie

With Tolkien's Middle Earth based adventures being so popular even without the films I'm thinking of creating a few more designs to bring into my range. So watch this space if you want more.

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